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Maintenance and Repair Service


Maintenance and Repair visits show that many heating systems are not operating efficiently and significant savings in running costs can be achieved when control equipment is set up and operating correctly.  During a service visit all aspects of the installation are inspected including the health and safety implications and integrity of the construction in which heating cables are embedded.  Switchgear and associated electrical equipment is thoroughly checked, minor faults are rectified, faulty service items replaced and the control equipment is reset.  The danger of the installation failing to operate or failing in a constantly “on” situation is greatly reduced and running costs are kept to the minimum.

§         Equipment test

§         Construction check

§         Reduced fail rate

§         Reduced running costs

Following the service visit a comprehensive report is prepared with all readings listed and advising of any necessary repairs or health and safety requirements.  Further energy saving recommendations together with an analysis report are also included where appropriate, detailing modifications to the system that would improve efficiency.  Considerable savings in running costs can be made by fitting modern energy controllers and upgrading switchgear.

§         Comprehensive service report

§         Health and safety report

§         Energy saving analysis

Where heating cables have been found to be damaged repair work can be undertaken quickly, with little disturbance to normal activities.  Areas of excavation and repair are reduced to a minimum (approximately 200x100mm) using a variety of sophisticated fault locating equipment and the surfaces are reinstated during the same visit.

§         Heating cable repair

§         Minimum disturbance

As further insurance for the customer the service visit contract also provides an emergency backup for the remainder of the heating season at a special reduced rate call‑out charge and includes free service items.  For a small additional charge an optional Switch-Off service is provided at the end of the heating season for customers who have no basic cover at their sites.

§         Low rate call‑out

§         Free service items

§         Switch‑Off service


Further Information

File - for new clients a customer health and safety maintenance file is provided for the site containing the current report and where possible copies of specification sheets and drawings of the installation.  A maintenance record sheet, to be updated at each future visit, is also prepared for the site.

Contract - a one‑off service visit to site to carry out a complete overhaul of the installation includes a full report and health and safety maintenance file.  The visit charge also includes minor service items to the value of £15 and a low rate call‑out charge, as shown on the contract, applies for the remainder of the heating season.  Alternatively, the contract can be renewed each year on a regular basis completely at the discretion of the customer.

Clients - We have specialised in the design and installation of underfloor and ramp surface heating systems since 1959 and installed systems at many sites across the UK.  Consequently we have also installed numerous upgrades and economy control units with many regular ongoing service contracts which include the London Boroughs of Bromley, Croydon, Enfield, Harrow and Sutton; the Local Councils of Aylesbury Vale, Cambridge, Devon, Reigate & Redhill, Stamford and Waveney; and the Intervention Board, Crown Estate, Eagle Star, CGU, Norwich Union, Standard Life, John Lewis,  Sainsburys Supermarkets and Tesco Stores.


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